Reimagine Safety,
Health, and Environment with
Next Generation Sequencing

Discover how we assist the food, agriculture, and aquaculture industry to
consistently meet the highest benchmarks of safety, quality, and compliance

About us

We employ molecular testing methods
to keep food and environment safe

Drawing over 15 years of experience in molecular testing, we are the first Malaysian Next Generation Sequencing service provider to pioneer applications in non-medical sector.

What we do

We apply next generation sequencing to

Food, Agriculture, and Aquaculture Management

Monitoring Program


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Bioinformatics workshop – briefing

Bioinformatics workshop – briefing

Leading up to our Bioinformatics workshop, we will be organising a ๐—™๐—ฅ๐—˜๐—˜ talk conducted by our

Introducing our CSO, Dr. Han Ming Gan

Introducing our CSO, Dr. Han Ming Gan

We are pleased and excited to have Dr Han Ming Gan comingย  onboard as the inaugural

Sequencing COVID19 virus on our MinION!

Sequencing COVID19 virus on our MinION!

With our sequencing capacity and in-house expertise in big data analysis, we decided to step in

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