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Who we are

With over 15 years of experience in molecular testing, GeneSEQ is the first Next Generation Sequencing service provider in Malaysia (and regional) to reimagine safety, health and environmental matters by pioneering innovative applications for non-medical sectors.

This is accomplished by working with leading industry leaders and forward-thinking academics to exploit the power of DNA sequencing and big data.

"At GeneSeq, we help agriculture and aquaculture businesses to meet safety, quality, and compliance benchmark standards."

We ensure businesses’ products meet benchmark standards through a versatile DNA sequencing method- Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). Through NGS, our full composition report allows businesses:

Our expertise

We help businesses in these areas

Food, Agriculture, and Aquaculture Management

Food products will retain DNA derived from their constituents (animals or plants). We use NGS to identify all constituent components within the product by reading all the DNA in the sample. With this information, businesses and consumers will be able to ensure maximum quality, compliance, and safety.

Monitoring Program

We harness NGS to read DNA from all the bacteria present within production and processing facilities. This information assists food handlers in taking the appropriate measures to mitigate and combat bad bacteria, in order to ensure the highest level of hygiene.


DNA can be found anywhere. Thus, NGS can be applied as a unique tool to identify sources of DNA. We have worked with probiotics, traditional herbal medicines, and entomology companies, among many others. Contact us if you have a unique project!